I’ve spent a lot of time behind a wacom tablet, mostly building maps logos and web stuff, but my first love was always 3d modeling and texturing. During my first forey into the higher education system I tried my hand at modeling and texturing. Then spent some time spent working on another of my passions, big stompy robots, with the Mech Warrior: Living Legends mod doing texture and modeling work.

So what that means is I’m proficient in Maya, 3DS Max, and a master at getting Photoshop to do what I want. I understand the 3-d art pipeline, how rigging works, and the dying art of UV unwrapping. I can also whip you up plenty of mock-up art at correct pixel ratios or build 2d mock ups for just about level or system you could want designed.

Experience includes:

  • Teaching modeling and animation in 3DS Max for DigiPen’s ProjectFun courses.
  • Mastery of Photoshop for texturing, layout, photo manipulation, and product design.
  • College level courses in Low Poly modeling in both Maya and 3Ds Max.