Misc. Design Projects

There are tons of things that need to be designed but some just don’t fit anywhere nicely for me. Here’s a few projects that I did in college that fit that bill.

Town Construction

I love building settings and fictional cultures. This one is Suldsburg a town inspired by the Varingians, Vikings that tooled around with the Byzantine empire. This ones a bit dated but I still like it. PDF is here.



Analog game conversions

Team fortress 2 (pre-hats) Board game and physical prototype, which used randomized cards for roles & special powers, and maintained systemic differences for the themes of the different characters.


RPG Breakdown

A break down of thematic RPG games versus mechanical RPG’s. It’s a bit dated now with the rise of so many story games and rules lite systems but it still holsds up within context of 2012.

Read it here


Unit plan for Traditional Game Design

During my stay at DigiPen I was privileged to work with the ProjectFun students over the summer. I was able to work closely with the high school WANIC program and developed several courses in Game Dseign and tempalatized the physical and online resources that many of the courses used, and probably still use. Here is the Unit Plan that I developed for the Traditional Game Design 2 week program. Associated with this were a big chunk of modules that teachers were built to teach the different concepts in this plan.

Full Page Plan Here