The Lost Age Character Sheets

The Lost Age Character Sheet

This is a character sheet for my Tabletop RPG (TRPG), built in Indesign over many iterations. Initial iterations were built to contain necessary information for combat, and while some thought was given to placement and use these where primarily functional sheets. As I continued to playtest and tweak the games systems, things began to gel  I began to really asses the design of the sheet, and how it would be used.

So what started as a single page, very D&D inspired, sheet eventually became a double sided tri-fold sheet that reveals information to the player as the GM explains it or as the player needs it. All told there where 9 different iterations of the single sheet, and 4 of the double sided.


And a rough walk through of the evolution of the single page sheet you can see the evolution of The Lost Age, my InDesign Skill, and playtest feedback.


Feel free to check out the An Example Character.