Prototypes as proof of concept for games or as standalone experiments.

WildCall Prototype, Engine: Unity


Wildcall was built to explore games for good. I wanted to give players a chance to experience what it can be like to be bipolar while also providing some tangential learning about one of the great American authors, Jack London.

During play activities trickle down from above throughout the day, with bright activities push Jack towards mania, while cool activities push him to depression. Sleep evens Jack out while events occur that alter Jacks moods.

After completing several events the game ends and rates you on your performance.

Mastery Prototype, Engine: Unity

A small prototype that explores the MDA concept of Mastery without any tutorialization. This was played with players without any spoken word to judge their reaction.

Platformer Prototype, Engine: In-house

A small prototype for a megaman style game with 360 degree shooting.

Shmup Prototype, Engine: In-house





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