Resume & About Me


Currently I live and design in Seattle, Washington. I love TRPG’s, Board games, strategy games, open world RPG’s, and Co-Op games. In the summer you can find me hiking in the Cascades or playing frisbee. While in the winter I retreat to my blanket fort and hold a warm cup of coffee against my face.




Selected Interests:

Self Indulgence

If you’ve made it this far allow me to be self indulgent and give a little blrurb about my Design background and history.

  • I grew up on games like Masters of Magic, Civ, Secret of Mana, Final Fantasy, and Dungeons and Dragons.
  • I grew into classics like Fallout, Ice Wind Dale, Duke Nukem, Mech Warrior and Starcraft.
  • Then discovered Rome: Total War, Warhammer 40k, and Oblivion.
  • Currently Playing: Minecraft, Gears 4

So when I say I have a broad depth of games I’m interested in I’m not kidding.

When it comes to actual Design chops I have a few things going for me, I’ve been playing, GMing, and building my own TRPG worlds and scenarios for 20 years.  I’ve got experience  shipping titles, building analog and digital prototypes, conducting usability tests, specing features, and creating content.

If you’re at a large company and need someone to grow into a lead design position, or a small company that needs help organizing and leading their design team I can do that too. If you need someone who can talk with your engineers and artists, and then prototype a system to bridge the gap, I can do that.