Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Game Description

Marvel Avengers Alliance was a highly successful free to play Facebook RPG. It featured Iconic marvel characters and epic marvel storylines, where players take part in 3v3 turn based combat.


Role: Game Designer

Game Type: F2P, 3v3 JRPG, Facebook,

Editor: Flash, Spreadsheet Editor (Flash as renderer)

During my time working on M:AA I was responsible for an enormous amount of live ops content, which had to be shipped out on time and to quality. I also spec-ed and implemented the data for features to enhance the games KPI’s, often retention and monetization. By the end of the project the size of the time had shrunk but the scope¬† remained the same.

Things I’m proud of:

  • Created an Auto complete Script, for creating complex status creation which was an immense time saver used by all of the designers.
  • Revamped Spec Ops by implementing crafting quests, components, and strong themed weapons for players could “craft”.
  • Created timed content that tied into movie launches.
  • Streamlined content workflow, and templatized JIRA tasks as content creation checklist.
  • Pitched and Spec-ed out Daily missions to enhance retention.
  • Pitched and Spec-ed out additional gear slots to increase player combat choices and drive monetization.

Typical Work: Content Creation

We used spreadsheets to implement data that was exported to a Flash engine. We used “guess and check” to verify work completed.

  • Ideation and implementation of:
    • Updating / creating new¬†Villains
    • New Marvel heroes
    • Unique Quests
    • Mission content
    • Custom Gear and weapon sets for players
      • Involving Art requests, design and Marvel approval.

Selected Content

The Legionnaire’s Set built to tie in with the Age of Ultron movie.

Daily Missions

Spec Op Missions and Crafting Quests

Age of Ultron Spec Op

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