Atomic Pachinko

Title: Game Designer

Game Type: F2P, Action Puzzler, Mobile, Unity Editor w/ Custom Tools

Atomic Pachinko is a mobile game built in Unity. I was brought on about halfway through the development of the project. I was responsible for creating level content that tested the player while solving for “controller throwing moments”. During my time on the project I was able to help with naming, marketing discussions, player goal and motivation loops, and of course level content.

Things I’m proud of;

  • Load balanced this project with other significant time sensitive projects.
  • Helped refine and shape the games player motivation profile.
    • Adding in moving pieces in most every level for players to adjust.
  • Improved Tutorialization of the game and smoothed out initial learning curves
    • Some levels where very difficult and where moved or altered
    • Tutorialized and adding mechanics at a steady progression pace

Typical Work: Content Creation

We used custom level editing tool built in Unity to build levels, and could run each level directly in editor.

  • Brainstorming and balancing of level flow
    • Each Grade was composed of 10 levels that needed to be created, tested, and sorted based on difficulty.
    • The saw toothed curve was my go to.
  • Creation of new levels and remixes of old ones.

Atomic Pachinko Website

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