Game Description

An indie, sci-fi, hybrid FPS Strategy game were you pilot a floating grav-cycle and command squad mates. Simul-shipped on 3 platforms with both a single player and multiplayer component. Built by a small team ~30 people, 3 year production cycle.


Role: Game Designer, UI/UX Design Lead

Game Type: Hybrid FPS / Squad Based RTS

Editor: Unreal 4, Playfab, custom tools

I was  responsible for;

  • MTX systems, implementation pipeline, and catalog management
  • SP progression systems, and associated gameplay mechanics
  • Menu wireframing and menu product ownership
  • Three single player missions (I handed a fourth mission off to load balance near the end of the project)

In addition to my individual tasks I was engaged in constant collaboration with our other designers regarding design specific developments, including documentation, game feel, and implementation techniques.

Things I’m proud of:

Jail Break Mission

Player must infiltrate and break out of an integrated prison with a new squad member before joining up their full squad for exfil. Level play through by youtuber DanQ8000.

  • Developed level over 4 major iterations for ship
  • Grey boxed each level iteration in UE4
  • Focused on player experience starting alone in cramped quarters to the wide open skies with a full compliment of allies

Interactable Gameplay Objects

Players can scan in send their squad to interact with certain objects in the world, collecting salvage, turning off generators, or other gameplay related tasks. These were used as the logical triggers  for much of the in game scripting.

  • Pitched, prototyped, and performed final hook up of all gameplay objects in game
  • Championed the feature from inception through development with art and engineering
  • Each was built with a combination of blueprints and custom components which interfaced with save systems, progression, and level scripting

MTX design

Players are given a large series of gameplay challenges that reward for skill and time spent in different portions of the multiplayer experience. Rewards are cosmetics or currency to purchase cosmetics. This was a huge design and PM task.

  • Modeled player progression and implemented rewards for challenges
    • Currency, emotes, two types of skins, badges, banners, and attachments
  • Shepherded multiple disciplines to implement all required systems, UI, engineering, and art content to fill out catalog of over 400 items
  • Planned and implemented live-ops store structure with engineers to achieve monetization and content cadence goals
  • Created collaborative spreadsheets to document all MTX content and it’s current game status.

Typical Work: Content Creation / Feature Ownership

  • Iterative level design in UE4 including grey boxing, enemy encounter design, level scripting for objectives and progression.
  • Data modeling, cataloging, and implementation for MTX items. Hook up data assets in engine for MTX items, maintain MTX item catalog  spreadsheet, interface with Playfab, and custom tools to admin live content.
  • Created user stories, journeys, and requirements docs, developed initial menu wireframes, provided feedback and Q/A for further iteration by UI strike team devs team.
  • Meeting with stakeholders determining work needs, some light JIRA management.

Selected Content

Single Player Progression Modeling

Multiplayer Menu Flow – Design Lead

Badge Editor – Design Lead

Jailbreak Two Phases of Iteration – Gameplay Designer

  • Final Layout as seen from above was close in shape but wildly different in playthrough. During this phase I was fine tuning sightlines and gameplay. Alos ensuring level artitst weren’t covering up important gameplay objects or pathways.
  • Rev 3 had a lot of verticality we later stripped out for best play experience. At this point we began to narrow in on the themes as well. Dueing this phase I was actively gray boxing within this block out.