Game Designer

Shipped Titles

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, Marvel: Avengers Alliance 1, Atomic Pachinko, Roller Coaster Rampage


Soft Skills: {Game, System, and Content Design, Team leadership and management, Gameplay, Production pipeline}; Hard Skills: {Unity, Google Scripts, C#, Python, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Confluence, JIRA, SVN, GIT};

Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Title: Game Designer { Game Type: F2P, JRPG, Facebook, Spreadsheet Editor (Flash as renderer) };

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Title: Game Designer { Game Type: F2P, JRPG, Mobile, Custom Editor (Unity as renderer) };


Prototypes as proof of concept for games or as standalone experiments.


My background in technical skills primarily involves scripting languages such as python, C#, and Java script in conjunction with some form of editor or IDE. I'm comfortable using visual scripting languages such as Kismet or blueprint but prefer text based scripting.

Atomic Pachinko

Title: Game Designer { Game Type: F2P, Action Puzzler, Mobile, Unity Editor w/ Custom Tools};


Title: Producer{ Game Type: Poetic Experience, 2.5d Platformer, PC, Unity 3D};

The Lost Age

Title: Chief Creative { Game Type: Analog Tactical RPG};

The Lost Age Character Sheets

The Lost Age Character Sheet This is a character sheet for my Tabletop RPG (TRPG), built in Indesign over many iterations. Initial iterations were built to contain necessary information for combat, and while some thought was given to placement and... Continue Reading →

M:AA Auto Format Script

Marvel Avengers alliance had a robust if complicated and opaque system for creating in combat effects, which we called statuses. After working on the project for ~1 year I unilaterally decided to create a data validated, auto format script to boil... Continue Reading →

M:AA 2 Spec Op Feature Revamp

Revamp Spec Op Document (unreleased) When I was tasked with implementing Spec Op 3 I was trusted with doing a major revamp and simplification of the design process, energy economy, quest crumbs, completion incentives, new gameplay and  UI to support it, and... Continue Reading →

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