Shipped Titles


Premium indie, sci-fi, hybrid FPS squad tactics game. Simul-shipped on 3 platforms with singleplayer and multiplayer component. My design responsibilities included UI/UX design lead, 3 singleplayer missions,  MTX system ownership, pipeline development, and player progression.

Marvel Avengers Alliance 2marvel-avengers-alliance-2-promo

F2P mobile RPG featuring “3v3” combat and deep monetization and progression systems. I developed content, pitched features, and grew into a feature owner role.

Marvel Avengers Alliancemaa_thank_you_for_playing_agents

F2P Facebook RPG featuring “3v3” combat and extensive monetization, retention, and progression systems. I developed content on strict deadlines, and owned several large KPI enhancing features.

Atomic Pachinkoatomic-pachinko

F2P mobile pachinko inspired action puzzler. I developed level content, tutorialization, and audited level progression for monetization pinches.

The Lost Age TTRPGLogo8bit_Web_FB_Banner

A Bronze age tabletop roleplaying game that features immense magic, my own RPG system, and world setting. I wrote, designed, kickstarted, laid out, managed contractors, and ran convention booths to develop and ship physical copies of this game.

Roller Coaster Rampage

A premium action game were players perform tricks to reach score goals. I developed level content for this game and helped revamp the core level progression mechanic.