The Lost Age

My Title: Chief Creative

Game Type: Analog Tactical RPG

The Lost Age is my own forthcoming Tactical RPG that I’ve been working on for a couple of years. It features a Bronze Age, pantheon, and middle eastern aesthetic. The game revolves around players creating legendary heroes in a myhtic setting, think Jason and the Argonauts.

While the systems force the player to manage their own bodily resources such as Strength and Willpower to overcome successive obstacles. Combat is focused on large set piece combats such as you might find in any of the Harryhausen films.

You can do a deep dive at The Lost Age Website.

Work I’m proud of:

  • ┬áPrimary contributor to systems, setting, map, adventures, and book layout.
  • Well received playtests and social media presence

Typical Work:

  • Running playtests
  • Developing adventures / scenarios, monsters, pregen characters, and maps
  • Revising content, book layout, creating and revisingcharacter sheets based on playtest feedback
  • Managing contractors for art editing and story content

Commissioned Art

I contracted with several artists to establish a look and feel for The Lsot Age. This included developing a contract, building good working relationships, art direction, and project management skills.