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Marvel: Avengers Alliance

Title: Game Designer { Game Type: F2P, JRPG, Facebook, Spreadsheet Editor (Flash as renderer) };

Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2

Title: Game Designer { Game Type: F2P, JRPG, Mobile, Custom Editor (Unity as renderer) };

Atomic Pachinko

Title: Game Designer { Game Type: F2P, Action Puzzler, Mobile, Unity Editor w/ Custom Tools};

The Lost Age

Title: Chief Creative { Game Type: Analog Tactical RPG};

M:AA Auto Format Script

Marvel Avengers alliance had a robust if complicated and opaque system for creating in combat effects, which we called statuses. After working on the project for ~1 year I unilaterally decided to create a data validated, auto format script to boil... Continue Reading →

M:AA 2 Spec Op Feature Revamp

Revamp Spec Op Document (unreleased) When I was tasked with implementing Spec Op 3 I was trusted with doing a major revamp and simplification of the design process, energy economy, quest crumbs, completion incentives, new gameplay and  UI to support it, and... Continue Reading →

M:AA 2 Design Pipeline work

While working on M:AA 2 I I helped revamp and codify the Design workflows which I built in Confluence.

Roller Coaster Rampage

Title: Content Designer { Game Type: 3rd Person Action, PC, 3DSMax as Editor};

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