The Lost Age Character Sheets

The character sheets for The Lost Age were built in Indesign over many iterations.  They started as a very D&D inspired single sheet eventually became a double sided tri-fold sheet that reveals information to the player as the GM explains it or as the player needs it.

First Pass

The initial iterations were built only to contain necessary information for combat. A rough walk through of the evolution of the single page sheet you can see the evolution of The Lost Age, my InDesign Skill, and playtest feedback over 9 iterations.



As I continued to playtest and tweak the games systems, things began to gel. I really started to asses the design of the sheet, all of the information a player would need and how they would need to use it. This overhaul saw the linking of ability and armor rows and breaking out important roleplaying info to the outer sheet.


Final Pass

The final character sheet layout was completed with several iterations and numerous tweaks in order to simplify the sheet, make the rows of content match, and fulfill players usability needs including notes for weapons and miscellaneous content. Along with the final usability passes I supply six iconic pre-generated characters for players to get familiar  for their first games available from The Lost Age website.

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