Chained – Award Winning Student Game

Game Description

Chained is a 2.5 D Poetic platformer which see’s you carry a ball and chain to one of two conclusions. Completed as part of a senior project at DigiPen Institute of Technology.


My Role: Producer

Game Type: Poetic Experience, 2.5d

Editor: Unity 3D, Spreadsheets

Chained was my senior project at Digipen. I worked with a group of amazing people and gained valuable experience as a producer and problem mitigator. After proving that we could build a decent game in the first semester, we were able to build the team from 5 to 12 people.

My responsibilities included managing meetings, sprints, milestones, team culture. I was also responsible for making the in engine presentations, web presence, and videos. I was able to utilize my technical Unity skills to set best practices, workflows, and create time saving scripts for my team.

Things I’m Proud Of:

  • Created a poetic experience that inspired fellow classmates and later college students
  • Won several awards including Best Art at the Tokyo Sense of Wonder Night, a Gold Medal in the Serious Play Conference, and Best Senior Project at DigiPen.