M:AA 2 Spec Op Feature Revamp

Revamp Spec Op Document (unreleased)

When I was tasked with implementing Spec Op 3 I was trusted with doing a major revamp and simplification of the design process, energy economy, quest crumbs, completion incentives, new gameplay and  UI to support it, and lifting KPI’s. I created the initial doc and then sought buy in from stake holders and made adjustments as necessary.

To communicate to all of the stake holders I felt it necessary to:

  • Provide Goals
    • Increase Energy purchases (for completing battles)
    • Archive keys for the SO (either through long tail purchases or player completion with the ) day time window.
    • Reinforce existing core loops
  • Provide a clear overview of the modifications for quick review
    • Pinching sensitive currencies.
    • Increasing the Value of the SO during and after the 10 day experiation window
  • Specific methods to be used to hit those goals
    • Including current and updated methods
  • Breaking out work according to discipline

For a deep dive you can view the Improvement Doc

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